Hello, yesterday we was Release Source Code of Django Blog Python Learning v.2.1.1, that repository modified from old project of django blog at https://github.com/arocks/qblog with Django 1.7. Thanks so much for it. and in this `Django Blog Python Learning v.2` gets big changes with much feature added.

For Demo, is this site.

Release Version 2.1.0 using editor markdown and customing admin from default of admin django, but now we change it with django-ckeditor and django-wpadmin.

For Screenshot, you can checkout this: https://github.com/agusmakmun/Django-Blog-Python-Learning-v.2/#screenshot

Makesure your following this prequirementshttps://github.com/agusmakmun/Django-Blog-Python-Learning-v.2/#prequirements


  • django-wpadmin
  • django-ckeditor
  • django disqus for comments.
  • face 90% bootstrap.
  • admin site, user, post, page, author, tags & gallery dan files.
  • pagination posts, sitemap page, results query, display posts under tags.
  • related posts
  • read more posts
  • next and previous for post.
  • show all posts under tags.
  • sitemap.xml, feed, sitemap page.
  • contact form.
  • search box, used for { body, title, and keywords }
  • widget all tags, recent comments & recent posts.
  • about author in the botom of posts.
  • print page
  • show ip visitor
  • display article under author.
  • much more…

hopefully useful…

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