martor editor

This Martor is one of many plugin for django markdown editor. But in this case, martor still use Semantic UI for the front-end.
For the previous version, martor included the features such as:

  • Live Preview
  • Integrated with Ace Editor
  • Integrated with Semantic-UI
  • Support Multiple Fields (fixed this issue)
  • Upload Image to (via API) and custom uploader.
  • Direct Mention users @[username] - (require user to logged in)
  • Emoji :emoji_name: + Cheat sheets
  • Martor Commands Refference
  • Support Django Admin
  • Toolbar Buttons
  • Highlight pre

So, what’s on offer in the latest version?

  1. Support Django>=2.0
  2. Support embed/iframe video from (Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Yahoo, Veoh, & Metacafe)

Martor is available directly from PyPI, which following pip command:

$ pip install martor

For the docs, you can checkout at the official repository:

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