Djipsum Plugin to generate the lorem ipsum (fake content) for django model. Sometimes, I feel bored when i want to create many contents such as fake content in once time. and thid Djipsum specially maded to solved it. This plugin is made using management.commands from django.


Djipsum is available directly from PyPI:

$ pip install djipsum

*). And don’t forget to add 'djipsum' to your INSTALLED_APPS setting (without migrations).


usage: djipsum [-h]
                         [-dv] [--app APP] [--model MODEL] [--max MAX]
To generate awesome lorem ipsum for your model class!
optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -dv, --djipsum_version
                        Show djipsum version and exit.
  --app APP             The APP name.
  --model MODEL         The Model Class name.
  --max int(MAX)        Maximum generate lorem ipsum.


# Default 10 objects
$ ./ djipsum --app testapp --model TestField

# Custom Maximum object
$ ./ djipsum --app testapp --model TestField --max=5


Source code:

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