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Djipsum already in new version 1.0.9. Djipsum is awesome command plugin to generate fake content for Django.

What news?

  1. Fixed ManyToManyField (return the random objects from many to many field).
  2. Fixed ForeignKey Field (return the random object from foreign field).


$ pip install djipsum

I never test this tool with Django<=1.9.9, but i think it should be work well.. you can try with this to ignoring the requirment:

$ pip install djipsum --no-dependencies

Usage Example:

$ ./ djipsum --app yourapp --model ModelName --max=5

Updated release v1.1.0

2 days ago i released v1.0.9, this day we added a new feature Faker Model, this Djipsum Faker Model providing additional library from Faker for more than efficient to use.

Basic API

>>> from djipsum.faker import FakerModel
>>> faker = FakerModel(app='app_name', model='ModelName')
>>> faker.fake_email() # From Djipsum
'[email protected]'
>>> # From Faker Factory
'[email protected]'

Example API Usage

>>> from djipsum.faker import FakerModel
>>> faker = FakerModel(app='app_blog', model='Post')
>>> for _ in range(2):
...     fields = {
...         'user': faker.fake_relations(
...             type='fk',
...             field_name='user'
...         ),
...         'title': faker.fake.text(max_nb_chars=100),
...         'slug': faker.fake.slug(
...             faker.fake.text(max_nb_chars=50)
...         ),
...         'categories': faker.fake_relations(
...             type='m2m',
...             field_name='categories'
...         ),
...         'description': ' '.join(faker.fake.paragraphs()),
...         'created': str(faker.fake.date_time()),
...         'publish': faker.fake_boolean(),
...     }
...     faker.create(fields)
<Post: Sit sunt nam aperiam ratione consequatur. Animi cupiditate atque totam.>
<Post: Tempora porro sint quasi nisi totam doloremque repellat. Ducimus nesciunt impedit animi.>

For more info, let’s check it out:

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