Previously, the Django already has a method to backup the database to the json file with quick command:

$ ./ dumpdata --format=json > outfile.json

Yup, with dumpdata. But why this “Django Blog Python Learning” not use it?

  1. We need to explore and use another method, so we know what we need to do.
  2. Make it easy with django-import-export, before we need to backup/import we got the following important information before released.
  3. Customizable.

Django Blog Python Learning released v.3.6 with feature autobackup. After migrated this site to big changes on v.3.5, now we released new version again with feature autobackup using django-import-export.

This is changelog of the version 3.6:

  • Added feature auto backup to the json file using django-import-export, with date & file size info. Included for: Author, Tag, Post, Gallery, Visitor & Page. Example info inside file of autobackupjsondb/backupinfo.txt:
| Last backup date: 04-10-2016
| Author  : 0.172 kB
| Tag     : 1.028 kB
| Post    : 262.346 kB
| Gallery : 0.004 kB
| Visitor : 0.004 kB
| Page    : 21.521 kB

You can checkout at this source code to get more info, such as how to config or else:

  • Added feature highlight pre
  • Fixed draft post
  • Fixed typo, sidebar, detail, css, or else

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