Create a simple Django app. Assalamu’alaikum, this afternoon i wanna share a simple project of django app. Usefull for someone that will make simple django app.

For this repository, you can check at this

But before use, we recomended to you use virtualenv (virtual environtment) for python. for example on your terminal to create virtualenv:

$ virtualenv simpledjango
$ cd simpledjango
$ source bin/activate
$ (simpledjango)[email protected]:~ pip install Django

[ Installation ] Now clone our project to use:

$ (simpledjango)[email protected]:~ git clone [email protected]:agusmakmun/simpleDjango.git
$ (simpledjango)[email protected]:~ cd simpleDjango
$ (simpledjango)[email protected]:~/simpledjango$ ./ runserver

Then, checkout on your browser, and to see default admin.
To login as administrator, username: agaust and password: 1

Screenshot Homepage


Screenshot Basic Admin

simpleDjango admin

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