changewords is Simply python tool to change or replace the text string in the files. This tool pretty nice for programmers if somehow they want to replace/change their codes for many files, eg: function, class, variable, etc for recursive files or not.

You can directly install this tool from PyPI:

$ pip install changewords


usage: changewords [-h] [-p PATH] [-ft FILE_TYPE] [-fs FROM_STRING]
                   [-ts TO_STRING]

Python tool to change or replace the strings in files.

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -p PATH, --path PATH  the file type you are looking for. eg: '.py', '.txt'
                        by default is current path/folder.
  -ft FILE_TYPE, --file_type FILE_TYPE
                        file type you are looking for, eg: '.py', '.txt'
  -fs FROM_STRING, --from_string FROM_STRING
                        the string to change/replace
  -ts TO_STRING, --to_string TO_STRING
                        the string replacement


$ changewords -p=mypath -ft=.py -fs=helloworld -ts=mantabjiwa

# or

$ changewords --path=mypath --file_type=.py --from_string=helloworld --to_string=mantabjiwa

Source: https://github.com/agusmakmun/changewords

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