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Create file where location of is saved, eg:


Then following this lines;

from django.core.cache import cache
from django.conf import settings
from django.contrib.auth.models import User
from django.utils.deprecation import MiddlewareMixin

ONLINE_THRESHOLD = getattr(settings, 'ONLINE_THRESHOLD', 60 * 15)
ONLINE_MAX = getattr(settings, 'ONLINE_MAX', 50)

def get_online_now(self):
    return User.objects.filter(id__in=self.online_now_ids or [])

class OnlineNowMiddleware(MiddlewareMixin):
    Maintains a list of users who have interacted with the website recently.
    Their user IDs are available as ``online_now_ids`` on the request object,
    and their corresponding users are available (lazily) as the
    ``online_now`` property on the request object.

    def process_request(self, request):
        # First get the index
        uids = cache.get('online-now', [])

        # Perform the multiget on the individual online uid keys
        online_keys = ['online-%s' % (u,) for u in uids]
        fresh = cache.get_many(online_keys).keys()
        online_now_ids = [int(k.replace('online-', '')) for k in fresh]

        # If the user is authenticated, add their id to the list
        if request.user.is_authenticated():
            uid =
            # If their uid is already in the list, we want to bump it
            # to the top, so we remove the earlier entry.
            if uid in online_now_ids:
            if len(online_now_ids) > ONLINE_MAX:
                del online_now_ids[0]

        # Attach our modifications to the request object
        request.__class__.online_now_ids = online_now_ids
        request.__class__.online_now = property(get_online_now)

        # Set the new cache
        cache.set('online-%s' % (,), True, ONLINE_THRESHOLD)
        cache.set('online-now', online_now_ids, ONLINE_THRESHOLD)

Finally update your MIDDLEWARE inside file of projectname/projectname/

    # Custom middleware

Simply usage in your templates:

  • {{ request.online_now }} => display all online users.
  • {{ request.online_now_ids }} => display all online user ids.
  • {{ request.online_now.count }} => display total online users.

How to check user is online or not?

{% if request.user in request.online_now %}
    {# do stuff #}
{% endif %}

Hope it helpful..




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