Rest API v1



  • detail (String) - is an success or error message.


  • param id (Int) - is user id/pk.
  • param token (String) - is generated token after logged in.
  • param username (String) - is username of user.
  • param password (String) - is password of user.


  • param author (String) - is username of author.
  • param title (String) - is title of post.
  • param slug (String Slug) - is slug url of post.
  • param description (String) - is description of post which following the markdown format.
  • param created (String Date) - is created time of post.
  • param modified (String Date) - is modified time of post.
  • param publish (Boolean) - is status of post.
  • param tags (Array) - is array of tag names.
  • param keywords (String) - is additional meta keywords for post (split by comma).
  • param meta_description (String) - is additional meta description of post.
  • param is_featured (Boolean) - is another status of post is featured or not.
  • param rating_likes (Int) - is total rating likes contains with each post.
  • param rating_dislikes (Int) - is total rating dislikes contains with each post.
  • param total_visitors (Int) - is total visitors that has been visited on each post.
  • param total_favorites (Int) - is total favorites from another users.


  • param title (String) - is title of tag.
  • param slug (String Slug) - is slug url of tag.
  • param total_posts (Int) - is total of posts contains with each tag.


  • param user (String) - is default username of user.
  • param last_login (String Date) - is default user last login session.
  • param date_joined (String Date) - is default user registered date.
  • param total_posts (Int) - is total user posts.
  • param total_favorites (Int) - is total user favorites.
  • param total_featured_posts (Int) - is total user featured posts.
  • param display_name (String) - is additional name of user to display.
  • param location (String) - is additional location of (Recomended: City, Country).
  • param about_me (Log String) - is additional description about user.
  • param website (String Url) - is additional website url.
  • param twitter (String Url) - is additional twitter url.
  • param linkedin (String Url) - is additional linkedin url.
  • param github (String Url) - is additional github url.
  • param birth_date (String Date) - is additional birth date.