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Python Learning - Deliberately made to expand the science of the Python programming. so will make it easier for programmers to get knowledge. Also discussing the various problem solved.


This site has been published since the beginning from 2014 by one of the student from the Muhammadiyah University in Surakarta (Solo), Indonesia. Who nicknamed "Summon Agus". In the first released, Python Learning is a the website based on "asking a question". But for some reason, and quite long discontinue, so Python Learning returning publish with different nuances.


Python Learning was redesigned 2 times, the first redesign used Wordpress CMS. Thank to God, this time in accordance with the ideals of the founder who wished to use Django. To be consistent with the concept.

Special Thanks

We here are not alone, and this site is not 100% dibuild personally. We say many thanks to those who helped to make this site can be made into so far.

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  • And all those who can not mention one by one.

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