Create a simple Django app. Assalamu’alaikum, this afternoon i wanna share a simple project of django app. Usefull for someone that will make simple django app.

For this repository, you can check at this https://github.com/agusmakmun/simpleDjango

But before use, we recomended to you use virtualenv (virtual environtment) for python. for example on your terminal to create virtualenv:

$ virtualenv simpledjango
$ cd simpledjango
$ source bin/activate
$ (simpledjango)user@user:~ pip install Django

[ Installation ] Now clone our project to use:

$ (simpledjango)user@user:~ git clone git@github.com:agusmakmun/simpleDjango.git
$ (simpledjango)user@user:~ cd simpleDjango
$ (simpledjango)user@user:~/simpledjango$ ./manage.py runserver

Then, checkout on your browser, and to see default admin.
To login as administrator, username: agaust and password: 1

Screenshot Homepage


Screenshot Basic Admin

simpleDjango admin

django python beginner

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